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Way of the Trade

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Way of the Trade: Tactical Applications of Underground Trading Methods for Traders and Investors

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Swing Trading Secrets: Inside the Underground Swing Trade Method

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"Order The New DVD- Short-Term Profit Hunter: Stochastics, Moving Averages and 
the Mindset to Make You a Winning Trader"

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Trading Full Circle

"Order The New Book- Trading Full Circle: The Complete Underground Trader System For Timing and Profiting in All Financial Markets"

In this rare and revealing insight into the mind of a top trader, Jea Yu (founder of UndergroundTrader.com) brings his own trading journey Full Circle and hands you his first-hand knowledge of the markets, revealed from thousands of hours of market participation. With his trademark charisma, Jea Yu gives you the key to gaining control of your trading and collecting the profit you deserve.

In Trading Full Circle, Jea Yu gives you complete explanations of the tools he uses to trade, along with his personal playbook of powerful techniques using these tools to trade nearly any situation the market presents you.

This book is a comprehensive guide that brings together all aspects of trading, from the psychological to the physical, to the specific technical concepts necessary for success. It will give traders the mindset and skills to:

  · Identify fertile trading environments—and profit big from them,
  · Target big plays within each trading period throughout the day to find the best trades,
  · Identify vital time and price points for the best returns,
  · Incorporate fundamental analysis into a technical trading system,
  · Avoid the traps with specific techniques to prevent blowout.

With detailed charts and real-life examples

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"Order New Book- Secrets of the Undergroundtrader: Advanced Methods for
Short Term and Swing Trading Any Markets

This is the Long awaited SEQUEL to the best seller by Jea Yu ad Russell
Lockhart, Phd.  The new book will start off where the first one left off as
markets have changed the methods have adapted and been tweaked.  Wider time
frames have been added in addition to many new indicators.  Wave analysis,
Gann Angles, Ral Scissors, Time tools, 5/20 charts, Pups, Perfect Storms, 3
Lane highways, etc.etc.. are some of the new tools explained in the new

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"The Undergroundtrader.Com Guide to Electronic Trading:   Day Trading Techniques of a Master Guerrilla Trader"
by: Jea Yu, Published by McGraw Hill,


The Underground Level II Trading Warfare DVD

This new video from Jea Yu explains in detail some of the principles and practices of Level II trading. In it, he shares the tools that he uses to determine the trend and to find precise entry points, as well as the method which he prefers for placing orders. He explains cranks, cross locks, and noodles, and their importance to Level II trading. He illustrates how a PUP breakout differs from a consolidation breakout. Also, he goes into detail on "Basket Stocks", describing them and explaining the edge that they give one over other traders, and also how one can trade them for consistent daily profits. Finally, he covers reasons for the failure of many day traders, and offers advice on how one can avoid those same pitfalls.

"Level II Trading Warfare: The Underground Trader's Powerful Weapons for Winning"

by: Jea Yu, Published by Trade Secrets,
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Jay's latest!  "Beating the Bear:  Short-term Trading Tactics for Difficult Markets"

by: Jea Yu, Published by Trade Secrets,

Comming soon to DVD

Beat The Bear


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